Universal Credit Claimant Agreement

Your commitment depends on your child`s age. Your Work Coach writes about your commitment. If you do not fulfill your legal obligation, you may be punished. If you don`t have a lease, ask your landlord for a copy of the contract or a letter containing the details of your contract. The Employment Centre might expect you to do some things to get a universal credit. This is called your „claim commitment.“ If you haven`t submitted all your evidence or have not accepted your commitment, do so as soon as possible – if you don`t, you may need to re-claim. If you receive a universal credit as a couple, the Department of Labor and Pensions (DWP) will ask you to choose one of you as „primary caretaker“ for your children. Children only have an effect on the commitment of the primary caretaker. If you rent privately, you must prove how much rent you pay and what your landlord`s address is – take your rental agreement or an up-to-date rent count. If you have your own home, you must prove your mortgage or credit. This may be a mortgage agreement or bank statements that show the payment of a mortgage.

The applicant`s commitment is a report on the applicant`s responsibilities with respect to the award of the UC. When a couple asserts rights, both members must accept a legal obligation. It is only in limited circumstances that this requirement is not imposed. It is regularly updated and reviewed and each time it is amended, the applicant must accept the new obligation. This publication is under www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-credit-and-your-claimant-commitment-quick-guide/universal-credit-and-your-claimant-commitment One of the basic conditions of the right to universal credit is that the applicant accepts an obligation from the applicant. If you can`t find your claim obligation, ask your work coach which activity group you`re in. If you have recently received a universal credit, you may not have an obligation to claim. A coach will call you in the next few weeks and arrange you.

Your work coach may ask you to look for work or be available for work. It depends on your commitment and the work-related activity group you remember. NOTE: This page explains the normal rules governing the applicant`s obligation. These were modified during the coronavirus pandemic. Although applicants are still obligated to accept an obligation from the applicant, our understanding is that what is the applicant`s obligation? When will the applicant`s commitment be agreed? What are the applicant`s obligations? If you do not comply with the applicant`s obligation If you provide less than 35 hours of care per week or if you do not receive the right benefits from the person assisting you, you should inform your work coach of your duties of care and request that your obligation be tailored to the applicant to accommodate them.