Soa Standing Offer Agreement

When state buyers are looking for a supplier for one of these groups, they usually look for an existing Comprehensive Administration Offer (SOA) agreement to find preferred suppliers. A standing offer agreement (SOA) is an offer made by a seller for the supply of goods and/or services at pre-determined prices and on the terms mentioned in the SOA. We have awarded five Permanent Offer Agreements (SOAs) for the provision of data center services to the government in ogCIO data centers or data centers for systems operating on PC, Linux or Unix platforms. Rating: The top six (6) (highest total points) in each category get agreement based on this proposal. The easiest way to buy for the state is to use a supplier listed in one of our existing Comprehensive Management Offer (SOAs) agreements. These agreements have been concluded with preferred suppliers to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase for the state. Public opening: there is no public opening to this offer. For questions related to permanent supply agreements, For more information about the NCC, see If no suitable SOA is available, you can then go to the market and invite offers.

Before you buy, you should refer to your agency`s purchasing procedure, as this governs how your agency uses SOAs. As these suppliers have been pre-qualified, you can contact these companies directly to receive an offer (make sure to give the SOA number). The following statistics are only available for the English page and are provided close to real time. To calculate the total activity of a tender, you must add the English and French statistics. The Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) expands the government`s procurement capacity for utilities and accelerates the availability of IT solutions to support the growing demand for quality online administration services. SOA-QPS4 began on July 31, 2017 for a 48-month contract term covering four categories of services: It is the NCC`s intention to award approximately six (6) standing agreements in each of the following two „categories“ (for approximately 12 SOA): The official website of the government Electronic Tender Tender Service is Please ensure that you download your document from this website to obtain all the information related to the tender. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have received all published tender information in order to ensure compliance with the offers and not to be disqualified. Government agencies can ask contractors in the relevant categories to submit proposals for individual employment contracts and select appropriate contractors to take over the contracts.

Information about associated contractors can be found in the contractor list. InvalidationIf a provision of this permanent offer agreement (SOA) is or becomes illegal, invalidated, annulled or unenforceable under the laws of one jurisdiction, the legality, validity and opposability of other SOAs in that jurisdiction are not affected and the legality, validity and application of the entire SOA in another jurisdiction are not affected. All call-ups made as part of these SOAs for architectural services are managed by the NCC Design and Construction Division. This tender or tender by the Government of Canada is linked to an open government licence – Canada that governs its use.