Alberta Pipeline Proximity Agreement

Before planning a soil disturbance, be sure to call Alberta One Call. Yellowhead Gas Co-op is a member of the Alberta One Call and has trained line locators who respond to the Alberta One Call ticket, usually within 48 hours (except Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays). Co-ops are available for field use and can complete within 48 hours of running a line search process. The crossing agreement will contain information and instructions on how a transmission line can safely cross or operate within its priority route. An Alliance representative will mark your work area and supervise the Jexier`s activity to ensure compliance with the crossing agreement granted. If the dealer does not respond, you will find more information about the continuation of the project in the „Non-reaction of pipeline dealers“ section. Yellowhead Gas Co-op will send a representative to mark the location of the pipelines. The Representative of Yellowhead Gas Co-op must be present to visit the work. Please plan your work plan accordingly. Probate documents must be on site at all times.

Before starting a soil disturbance project, you must determine the location of buried pipelines and other infrastructure within the proposed work area. The approximate location and type of pipeline in the proposed work area will be identified during our visit. Visit our Click Before You Dig page for more information. To ensure that yellowhead Gas Co-op-pipelines and facilities remain in service safely, Yellowhead Gas Co-op`s written agreement must be obtained in the following situations: For more information on pipeline regulations and excavation procedures, please consult: If the licensee does not respond, contact us for permission to conduct a ground disturbance in the ROW pipeline, or within 5 metres of the pipeline if no ROW is present. Send us an email to @email with „Ground disturbance request inside pipeline ROW“ in the „Subject“ field of the email. Contact the pipeline dealer to do the following: Unless there are soil disturbances within a ROW pipeline or 5 m from a pipeline, if there is no ROW, we are not authorized to grant authorizations on behalf of the licensee for pipeline-related work and we do not have the option to extend existing agreements with the licensee. We also do not grant approval for surface work around an oil pipeline where there are no soil disturbances, such as crossings or interventions on an oil pipeline. To get an agreement on Alliance crossroads, please email us. The Alliance will respond to requests for agreement within 10 business days.