Trade In Service Agreement

The aim is to negotiate a quality comprehensive agreement that is compatible with the general agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on trade in services, that there is broad participation and that it supports and will re-enter multilateral trade negotiations. This is a direct response to the call by the G20 heads of state and government and the WTO Ministerial Conference in Geneva in December 2011 to adopt credible new approaches to promoting multilateral trade negotiations. We ask TISA contracting parties to accept market access and national treatment obligations in all environmental services subsectors using CPC 94 (9401, 9402, 9402, 9403, 9404, 9405, 9406 and 9409). With respect to the use of securities, a TISA party may plan or use a revised classification method based on existing environmental services subheadings in w/120 and UNC`s CPC Prov. Regardless of the choice of sub-heading, CPCs 9401, 9402, 9403, 9404, 9405, 9406 and 9409 should be expressly included in the TISA commitment plan. Other documents relating to the final report, as well as the Commission`s position paper on the various Ecorys recommendations, are available on the commercial SIAS website. The front page of the negotiating document leaked by Wikileaks reads: „Declassify on: five years after the TISA agreement came into force or, if no agreement enters into force, five years after the conclusion of the negotiations.“ [2] Because of this practice, it is not possible to be informed of the liberalisation rules that the participating countries propose for the future agreement. Only Switzerland has the practice of making public on the Internet all the proposals it has made to the other parties since June 2012. [5] The European Union did not publish its „offer“ for TISA until July 2014[14] after the Wikileaks revelation. TISA parties represent a huge services market for nearly two-thirds of the world economy, with more than 1.6 billion people and a total GDP of nearly $50 trillion in 2015. The 23 WTO members participating in the TISA negotiations (i.e.: