Pitney Bowes Hire Agreement

You may want to terminate your Pitney Bowes contract because you have found another supplier or because you are not satisfied with their service. To cancel this, look for your lease and read it so you understand your rights and obligations. You can easily terminate your contract by calling a free number and talking to a customer service employee. If you have continued to have serious problems with Pitney Bowes, consider whether you should take legal action. (ii) Additional software. If the order form contains the purchase of additional software products, you will be allowed on a non-exclusive basis to use this software, subject to the licensing conditions applicable to: www.pitneybowes.com/us/license-terms-of-use/software-and-subscription-terms-and-conditions.html. These conditions are included in this agreement by reference. (1) Lease agreement. We agree to lease the equipment to you and you agree to lease the equipment from us for the duration of the lease under this contract.

You have the right to demand access and correction of the personal data we hold about you, provided that we communicate such a request appropriately. You`ll find more information on how you can access the personal data we have and correct it in our privacy statement. A full copy of our privacy statement can be accessed at www.pitneybowes.com/nz/legal-statement/privacy-statement.html or by contacting us under the information presented on our website. (35) Full agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and us regarding equipment, services and/or maintenance plan and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between you and us regarding equipment, services and/or maintenance plan. (38) Variation. This agreement can only be amended by the written agreement of any party executed by an authorized person. (5) Interest. If you do not pay the amount owed to us under this agreement, you must pay us interest on these outstanding amounts, calculated on the daily amounts from the due date, at a rate of 2 per cent (2 per cent). per month.

(36) Disposal. We can and they can give up some or all of the right or utility of this agreement without our prior written consent. (42) Health and safety. Both parties will agree and ensure that their employees, contractors and representatives (staff) comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2015 (HSW) and all approved rules, rules, standards, codes of conduct and other applicable health and safety legislation regarding the provision of equipment and services. You agree to identify us and inform us and our staff of any hazards that arise at one of your sites that may pose a risk to our staff while providing equipment and services. You agree to manage these risks, to the extent reasonably possible, by removing or reducing them. When the parties have an obligation on the same issue imposed by or under the HSW Act, they agree to consult, cooperate and coordinate the activities that will carry out their respective missions. . MyFloridaMarketplace.com location number 060495050-316 Pitney Bowes Supplies. Leasing Transfer Address (Site Sequence 201344287-002) (ii) Cessation of activity: You leave or threaten to cease your activity or a substantial part of your business or, in our reasonable opinion, you are unable to repay your debts when they mature.