Office Pro Plus Enterprise Agreement

Once you reach your agreement, you can no longer use these keys for anything, including your KMS configuration. You should delete any software installed with them. In fact, this issue should be discussed with an expert on the admission of Member States on the legal responsibilities and measures necessary to terminate the agreement. Excuse me, you`re right. When you said you had the agreement „for a while,“ I assumed (apparently wrongly) that it was the EA subscription. If it is an Enterprise subscription contract, you must renew the contract to continue using the software, or else you have the option to purchase the licenses, if you do not extend them, you must uninstall. more information. You have the option to subscribe to the software rather than buy, so the answer to your question depends on the choice you made when you made the deal. I feel like it is more common to buy the software and then do it. I thought the EA is buying more SA software that allows an upgrade to the newer version as long as you maintain this service, but at the end of the deal, you still owned the software.

From the guide to the enterprise agreements program. This topic has been blocked by an administrator and is no longer open to comment. You can choose between local data center meetings or [Insert Partner Name]. Piksel is an authorized QMTH partner that allows you to provide Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, Visio Pro for Office 365 and qualified Windows 10 products for your selected cloud infrastructure solution. Sold per user: Office 365 Pro Plus is authorized by the user while Office Pro Plus is authorized by the device. For our customers who have more devices than users, Office 365 Pro Plus can generate significant savings, while not having to concede multiple copies for the same user. For other clients, especially those with shift workers, they may see their costs increase. Instead of paying for a copy of Office installed on a single pc and used by three teams of employees, they would license Office three times in a pro-user scenario. In these situations, our recommendation is either to continue to allow Device-based Office or to switch mailed workers to versions of Office`s web application, which may be the basis of a lower-cost browser.… Customers who have a major problem in this area should consider using add-on licenses rather than full user subscription licenses (USLs).

The add-ons are a little more expensive, but they continue to offer a traditional Office license in addition to the Office 365 license, which would allow you to have the best of both worlds. Lots of fine print here in the license details – see us for more information. SCA mode works with Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional and Visio Pro for Office 365. All Office 365 plans containing Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional or Visio Pro for Office 365 can use SCA. The transition is considered equivalent if a similar work usage transfer between On-Premises and Online is made. For example, Office Professional Plus – Enterprise Cal to Office 365® E3 and Enterprise CAL Bridge for Office 365®. If the licence is equivalent, there will be no transition fee during the transition year. The other does not give you the right to use any of the previously used licenses.