Northridge Agreement Number

If you want to settle your contract at an early stage, make sure you have received an up-to-date billing number. This can be achieved by filling out the online billing form on this website or by calling 0800 917 0923 and selecting Option 1. Please note that you need your bank account and contract number. Pay: Northridge Finance (according to your agreement) Click „Online Account Management Tool“ to access it. Please note that you need your 12-digit Northridge contract number, date of birth and bank account number from which your payment is made to register. Unfortunately, the mileage limit is set at the beginning of the agreement and cannot be changed. It is also used in the calculation of the residual quantity / GMFV [Guaranteed Minimum Value of the Future]. If the mileage driven at the end of the agreement is less than originally thought, it is possible/more likely that the vehicle may have equity that can go to the deposit of another car. For all requests not related to COVID-19, please send an e-mail In summary, your monthly refunds and the balance / GMFV [Guaranteed Minimum Value of the Future] would have been calculated on the basis of the information provided during the application phase. The rest – GMFV (or even the value of a vehicle) is influenced by the number of miles driven – the higher the mileage, the lower the value. Unfortunately, the mileage limit is set at the beginning of the agreement and cannot be changed (restrictions/restrictions within the Consumer Credit Act should be taken into account rather than a Northridge directive).

However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the impact of excess mileage charges will be minimized. If z.B. the change in excess mileage is x,xx USD per mile (this figure will be included in your credit contract). By using this and multiplying the number of miles you think will exceed their mile limit at the end of the agreement, you might start setting aside certain ways, such as a savings account. If you have additional information, relevant to support your call that was not given to us when you first applied, please send an email to or send your application data to: Due to COVID-19, most of our employees currently work from home and all correspondences/requests sent to our office cannot be made on time, so if possible, options can be made via our custom toolkit or email overpayments of your contract through partial statements on the Tool Customer kit. Simply fill in the required account data and indicate the option you want to apply to your account; either a reduction in the length of your contract or a reduction in the amount of your monthly payment. Payments can be made by debit card, bank transfer or cheque. If you want to settle your contract at an early stage or if you want to know your billing figures, you will receive this information immediately by accessing the online account management tool (only to private customers). As part of your liability in accordance with your PCP agreement, the goods must be kept properly and in good condition, subject to fair use.

For more information on fair dealing, see If you wish to return the vehicle, make sure that all keys, documents and accessories are also returned, otherwise additional fees and fees can be paid.