Learning Agreement Erasmus Auth

To do this, you should carefully read the Reception Foundation`s study guide, in particular by emphasizing detailed course descriptions and not just their qualifications and paying attention to the ECTS credits for each course. All ECTS units of the lessons you indicate in Table A should be:60 ECTS for an academic year, 30 for a university semester and 20 for an academic semester. The conclusion of the learning agreement for studies is the most important process of the preparatory phase of the move to the host foundation. Of course, the bilateral agreement on which your movement is based is based on the common elements and the complementarity of the school curricula of the two departments. However, your individual program should be developed in your main program at the University of Athens, in light of the stage of development of your studies, your special interests, the realistic nature of the program and, of course, the rational integration of the courses you will take at the Reception Foundation.